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£500m for school energy upgrades

By: Kelly Bellerson

Schools and colleges across the UK will receive a share of £500m from the Government to upgrade their buildings’ energy efficiency.

The fund will help schools save on bills and better manage their energy consumption, increasing their winter resilience for years to come.

What is the new investment?

From December, £500m will be distributed across schools and colleges to help with energy efficiency upgrades, bringing their educational buildings up to date with the latest energy efficiency requirements.

Estimations show that a primary school will receive £16,000, a secondary school £42,000, and colleges £290,000.

Following the ‘energy crisis’, the aim is to financially support schools and encourage them to undertake energy improvement works.

This is on top of the £1.8bn of capital funding the Government has already committed to improving the conditions of school buildings.

How will this help schools?

Schools will be able to save on energy bills and better manage their energy consumption, additionally maximising their energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and improving sustainability and resilience for this winter and the years ahead.

The amount of energy upgrades a school will need and how much it will cost depends on a number of variables, such as how old the building is and when it last received upgrades. The fund will provide a level of affordability for these upgrades.

Installing better heating controls, insulation to reduce heat loss from pipes, and switching to more energy-efficient lighting are just some of the improvements the fund could be used for.

Why do schools need this investment?

The war in Ukraine has plunged the UK into an ‘energy crisis’ that has seen the cost of energy bills soar throughout 2022. Public sector buildings, such as schools, are now struggling to keep up with rising costs.

The Government launched an Energy Relief Scheme in November to provide energy bill relief for non-domestic buildings across the UK.

Now, £500m is being shared between educational institutes across the country to better improve their energy efficiency, ensuring these buildings are sustainable and more resilient in the future.

Who to contact?

The government recommends that non-domestic properties should seek a relevant recommendations report (including the recommendations report accompanying a valid EPC), a Green Deal advice report, or a report prepared by a surveyor.

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