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Supporting mothers in construction

By: Kelly Bellerson

We’ve compiled a list of ways companies can ensure mothers feel supported and empowered within the construction industry whilst also championing inclusivity in the workplace.

Over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in the number of women pursuing careers in construction. However, for working mothers in the sector, the work-life balance can be challenging.

Flexible working arrangements

One of the most effective ways to support working mothers is by offering flexible working arrangements.

Flexible and hybrid working has been the most attractive working style amongst employees and job-seekers since the pandemic and can be essential for working mothers – particularly those in construction.

Options could include part-time schedules, job-sharing, flexible hours, or remote work when feasible.

By providing flexibility, mothers can better manage their work-life balance, ensuring they meet their professional commitments while also fulfilling their familial responsibilities.

On-site amenities

Creating on-site amenities can greatly benefit working mothers. Establishing dedicated spaces for childcare facilities or comfortable break areas equipped with suitable facilities will create a supportive environment.

For some companies, there is not always the space to do this. Instead, employers should ensure they have alternative amenities available that enable mothers to take care of their personal needs. This will help reduce the stress associated with juggling work and family responsibilities.

Family friendly policy

Implementing family-friendly policies within construction companies is crucial. Maternity and paternity leave policies should be generous, ensuring mothers can take time off to bond with their new-borns without fear of negative consequences.

Additionally, offering extended parental leave, flexible return-to-work programmes, and access to affordable childcare can significantly ease the transition back to work for new mothers.

Supportive company culture

Building a supportive and inclusive company culture is essential for empowering working mothers.

This can be achieved by fostering a supportive atmosphere where all employees, regardless of gender, feel valued and respected.

Encouraging open communication, providing mentoring, or networking opportunities, and organising support groups for working mothers can create a sense of community and solidarity.

Career development and training

To support the advancement of working mothers in the construction industry, companies should provide opportunities for career development and training.

This could involve offering mentoring programmes, sponsoring relevant courses or certifications, and providing guidance for promotion and advancement within the organisation.

By investing in their professional growth, employers demonstrate their commitment to the success and progression of working mothers.

Health and wellness initiatives

Promoting health and wellness initiatives is crucial for working mothers in the construction industry.

Offering programmes such as wellness seminars, mental health support, and access to counselling services can help alleviate stress and promote overall well-being.

Recognition and rewards

Recognising and rewarding the contributions of working mothers is vital for a positive and inclusive work environment to thrive.

Acknowledging their achievements, both professionally and personally, through rewards, incentives, or public appreciation demonstrates the value the company places on their efforts.

This recognition can boost morale, motivation, and loyalty among working mothers, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.


Supporting mothers in the construction industry is not only a matter of fairness and equality but also a smart business decision.

By implementing flexible work arrangements, establishing on-site amenities, promoting family-friendly policies, nurturing a supportive company culture, and investing in career development and well-being, construction companies can create an environment where working mothers can thrive.

Through recognising their invaluable contributions and offering the support they need, we can empower more women to pursue and excel in construction careers, further promoting diversity and inclusivity within the industry.

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