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The long term benefits of a PPM survey

By: Kelly Bellerson

Commercial property owners are increasingly looking to protect their assets to ensure they aren’t caught out by an unexpected bill, damages, or even worse.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) surveys offer a structured approach to proactively addressing potential issues, reducing operational costs, and preserving the value of your property portfolio.

What is a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Survey?

A Planned Preventative maintenance survey is a type of building survey that commercial property owners often look for to gain a better understanding about the condition of their building(s) and what kind of maintenance work their portfolio might need within the next five to ten years.

It’s a long term forecast regarding the estates durability and feasibility, allowing landlords to plan and budget appropriately for any damages, repairs, or upgrade works in line with current and predicted market trends. This type of survey can only be carried out by a chartered building surveyor.

What does a PPM survey entail?

A chartered building surveyor will carry out a thorough inspection of the property and the estate, including a schedule of recommendations, providing the property owner with a planned maintenance strategy for the period of time selected by the landlord.

The report will highlight areas that will need repair works, as well as including timescales and costs for those repair works to be carried out, allowing you to budget accordingly.

This helps to ensure that all property assets are kept in good condition, enabling clients to properly maintain and optimise the value of their property portfolios over a determined timeframe.

Long term benefits of a PPM survey

One of the primary advantages of implementing a PPM survey is the potential for significant cost savings over the long term.

Identifying and addressing maintenance needs before they escalate into major problems enables property owners to prevent expensive emergency repairs and replacements.

Regular inspections and maintenance work can also extend the lifespan of building systems and equipment, reducing the need for costly expenditures.

Additionally, a PPM survey can identify vulnerabilities in a property’s structural integrity, roof, and façade, allowing for timely repairs or improvements.

So, knowing when to address these issues, and addressing them promptly, ensures that property owners can safeguard their assets against weather-related damage and enhance the property’s long-term durability.

Commercial landlords will also need to consider the legalities. A well-structured PPM survey helps property owners stay in compliance with the latest building regulations.

We always recommend regular inspections to ensure you keep on top of the latest guidelines, and regularly carry out maintenance work – which can identify potential issues that may lead to non-compliance.

Other benefits of having a PPM survey

Commercial properties often have tenants who expect a safe, comfortable, and well-maintained environment. A proactive PPM strategy ensures that essential systems like heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are functioning optimally, and common areas are well-maintained.

This ultimately leads to higher tenant satisfaction, longer lease agreements, and reduced tenant turnover, all of which contribute to stable, long-term revenue streams.

It also helps landlords reduce their building’s energy consumption and running costs by identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency and address issues such as poor insulation, sealing, and upgrading HVAC systems.

We all know that commercial properties are significant investments, but did you know that their value can be preserved and potentially increased through regular maintenance and improvements?

A well-maintained property is more attractive to potential buyers or investors, making it easier to sell or secure financing when needed. Additionally, a property with a solid maintenance history may command higher rental rates.

Who can get a PPM survey?

Any commercial property owner, landlord, or tenant can ask for a Planned Preventative Maintenance Survey to understand the durability, functionality, and costs associated with the maintenance of their building(s) over a certain length of time.

So, if you’re a School Estate Manager, or a business owner with an office tenancy, or an owner of a portfolio of highstreet stores, or even have units in an industrial estate, we would highly recommend a PPM survey.


Planned Preventative Maintenance surveys for commercial properties in the UK offer a wide array of long-term benefits.

From cost savings to improved tenant satisfaction, legal compliance, energy efficiency, asset value preservation, and risk mitigation, PPM surveys are an essential tool for property owners and managers.

By investing in a proactive maintenance strategy, property owners can secure the long-term success of their investments while simultaneously improving their bottom line and sustainability.

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