Technical Due Diligence

Think of Technical Due Diligence as your building’s health check-up. We dive deep into the finer details of your building, uncovering hidden quirks and potential pitfalls that could sneak up on you later. We’re talking everything from structural integrity to sneaky leaks that only appear on rainy days.

So, you’re eyeing that dream building, huh? Exciting times! But before you seal the deal, let’s talk about one small detail – Technical Due Diligence (TDD).

You’re all set to move into your new office space, but suddenly, you’re hit with unexpected repairs. Ouch! This is where Technical Due Diligence comes in, helping you plan and budget like a pro.

We’re not your average Joe when it comes to building surveying. Armed with the latest tech and years of expertise, we leave no stone unturned (literally). From checking out the electrical wiring to sniffing out environmental hazards, we’ve got your back!

Our report isn’t your typical snooze-fest document filled with a load of corporate jargon. Nope, we keep it real and easy to understand. You’ll get the lowdown on any issues we uncover, along with practical recommendations to keep your building in tip-top shape.

So, ready to give your building the TLC it deserves? Drop us a line, and let’s make magic happen!

Alex Hurn

CEO & Founder

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Technical Due Diligence Services




This is your opportunity to talk to us about your needs and objectives. This could include discussing the scope of the project, any specific concerns you may have, and the timeline for completing the assessment.



Following this, our team will inspect the property as part of the Technical Due Diligence process. During the inspection, we will thoroughly examine the building, taking detailed notes and photographs to document our findings.



Following this, we’ll analyse the inspection notes, photographs, and any other documentation. Occasionally, we may need to consult with other experts, such as structural engineers or environmental consultants, to obtain specialised input on specific issues.



Finally, we’ll summarise our findings in the TDD report. Whether it involves acquisition, leasing, financing, or ongoing maintenance, the report should help you to better make informed decisions about the property.

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