Quantity Surveying isn’t just about crunching numbers; it’s about redefining the cost game in building projects. From initial design estimates to navigating legal hurdles like permissions and party walls, our process covers it all. Say goodbye to traditional cost management and hello to a disruptive approach that ensures your project stays on track and within budget.

Because we break the mold.


Quantity Surveying from HORDE’s perspective

Think of our Quantity Surveyors as the masterminds behind construction projects. They kick things off by assessing feasibility, then keep a tight grip on budgets as work progresses.

They’re the ones who quickly adapt to changes, ensuring everything stays on track to avoid overspending.

Their day-to-day involves tweaking estimates, managing contracts, and resolving disputes—all while providing accurate insights to manage risks effectively


Your guide to a seamless project

Our team of RICS-certified surveyors, offer expert advice and insights to help clients dodge future risks and unnecessary overspending.

We pride ourselves on a service model that’s flexible, forward-thinking, and responsive. This means our clients can tap into our industry know-how swiftly through streamlined processes and clear communication.

Our bespoke approach not only earns us high referral rates and repeat business but also brings a modern twist to Quantity Surveying. With expertise in project management, monitoring, and contract administration, we act as your one-stop shop, guiding you seamlessly from project conception to completion.

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Meet the team

Will Ellinor

Quantity Surveyor

Acing commercial negotiations

David Drew

Technical Services Director

Unique blend, valued by clients


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