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As chartered building surveyors with years of
knowledge and experience under our belts, we
know that a home is more than just a home;
and protecting it is not an “if” it’s a must! That’s
why we promise to prioritise the structural
integrity of your property and guarantee you
peace of mind. Here, you will find a range of
comprehensive assessments that will ensure
your building is safe, functioning as it should,
and is structurally sound.


We’re here to support anyone throughout any stage of their property journey.



Stage 1

Sometimes it’s love at first sight, sometimes it’s a work of love – whatever the challenge, we can help you get the safe haven for all your dreams and key life milestones to live in. 


Stage 2

Your space is only yours when it works for you – with all your little habits, quirkiness and creature comforts. Our Horde manages the design and construction process to ensure your new home is adapted to your needs. We are dedicated to making this stage as seamless and delightful as possible – taking care of everything so you can sweat the small stuff.


Stage 3

The Big Day is approaching – and now it’s time to ensure your home is compliant, maintained and has been looked after well enough before we move you into your very own space. We make sure you understand the maintenance needs of your property and outline how we can help you execute this plan – to make the magic happen, our Horde works swiftly, passionately and in sync with you and your needs.


Stage 4

With time we grow, and so do our needs. Let us help you get your house in order and value it for sale so that you can focus on forging your future.

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