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As building surveyors with years of
knowledge and experience under our belts, we
know that a home is more than just a home;
and protecting it is not an “if” it’s a must! That’s
why we promise to prioritise the structural
integrity of your property and guarantee you
peace of mind. Here, you will find a range of
comprehensive assessments that will ensure
your building is safe, functioning as it should,
and is structurally sound.


We’re here to support anyone throughout any stage of their property journey.




The surveyor will personally call you to discuss the scope and purpose of the survey. We’ll also talk about other types of surveys that may be of interest to you and advise on the most suitable option based on your needs and the property’s characteristics.



Our surveyors will visit the property to conduct a thorough assessment of its condition. It’s good to note that the inspection may take several hours, depending on the property’s size, complexity, and survey type.



After this, the surveyor will call the you on the same day with a brief overview of any findings so you are not waiting for any pertinent information. Our surveyor will then compile our findings into a report which depending on the survey type may include detailed descriptions of any defects or issues that were uncovered, along with recommendations for remedial actions.



Finally, once you have received our report our team will go through the it with you in detail, offering guidance on how to proceed. We’re always here to help and happy to provide additional insights into the property’s maintenance needs, potential risks, and long-term implications of the identified issues.

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