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Buying a new home is exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re not sure about the condition of the property. That’s where our New Home Surveys come in!

If you’re on the hunt for reliable building surveyors to help you with your new build, then look no further!

Sometimes, you may find that there are a few snagging issues with your new build. That’s why our Snagging Surveys act like a fine-tooth, uncovering any pesky little snags or defects that need sorting out before you settle in. Think of it as your final quality check before you call it home sweet home!

But what if you’ve been living in your dream home for a while now, and suddenly, you notice a few things that aren’t quite right? Don’t panic! Our End of Defects Snagging Surveys are also here to save the day.

Whether it’s a wonky door or a leaky faucet, our surveyors will identify any lingering defects, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We’re not just your average building surveyors – we’re your partners in property perfection!

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Sarah Cawley

Residential Building Surveyor

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This initial meeting is an opportunity for you to meet with one of our surveyors and discuss the things that have been bothering you about your new build home. It also gives us the chance to gain a better understanding of the issues at hand.



We’ll visually assess the construction quality, checking for compliance with building regulations and specifications, and identify any defects or deficiencies in workmanship by inspecting structural elements, internal and external finishes, utilities and fixtures.



Our team will review their findings and prepare a detailed report, outlining all the issues they’ve identified. The review process involves careful analysis to ensure accuracy and completeness in the final report.



Finally, we’ll hand you the report along with any additional documentation and talk you through it, explaining each identified issue and its significance. We’ll stick around to offer you some friendly advice and guidance on next steps.

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